With over ten years of experience in the decking industry here in the Northwest, we are ready to build the new deck you have always wanted.  You can also add a fence, arbor, or trellis to your project to complete a new outdoor living space to your home.

Composite & More

By just being a decking specialty contractor, we are always on the cutting edge of technology and methods for any new decking product on the market today.  We can offer a multitude of choices when it comes to decking, railing, framing, and more.  There are more than 100 different manufacturers of composite decking, and we strive to know all of them as much as possible.  We have shipped many products from across the country to satisfy our clients with their first choice in decking. Learn more >

Repair & Rebuild

Sometimes a full deck replacement is not what our clients need.  We also offer repair services to your existing deck.  Whether it needs a structural upgrade or small cosmetic updates to make your deck look and last as long as possible we can provide you with the best course of action.  Our expert knowledge in the decking industry specifically makes us better than others to be able to weigh the option of full replacement versus just repairs.  The cost comparison of both will make it easy for you to decide if your deck needs just a minor repair or a full replacement. Learn more >

Stain & Refinish

We offer full service to your deck project including maintenance.  We offer pre-staining for your new construction wood deck and railing, or can give your existing old finish an update.  Refinishing is a service we offer to help keep your existing deck looking great and lasting a long time.  Our process is more extensive than most of our competitors too.  If your deck needs just a quick clean and new stain, or if it needs a full treatment of sanding and stain, we can handle both. Learn more >