Our Business

Our business began in the fall of 2011 with humble beginnings, but we hope to grow into a recognized leader in the decking industry here in the great state of Oregon.  Our goal is to be Oregon’s premier decking contractor by keeping in mind that we build decks for the people that buy them.  We care about the families and the homes we work at by respecting each of them as if it were our own.  Decking Solutions LLC is committed to not just building the highest quality decks, but building long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Who We Are

Decking Solutions LLC was started by Dustin & Daisy Boleyn because of the absence of a true leader in the specialty decking industry here in the Portland Metro Area.

Dustin has spent the last ten years working in the decking industry right here in the Northwest familiarizing himself with all the products, techniques, and experiences necessary to operate a thriving small construction business.  He began his work with Dwight Reicks General Construction in Aloha during the late 1990’s.  He then moved to an emerging small decking contractor with Custom Decking by Rocky’s Construction before finally landing at Decking Northwest Inc. in the fall of 2003.  It was there at Decking Northwest that he learned the “meat” of the decking industry from a remarkable business owner.  And he helped build into the “Best Decking Company in Portland” until they closed late in 2010.

Daisy has spent the last seven years in the accounting department at Mitchel, Lewis, & Staver, a pump wholesale company, after graduating from Western Business College.  It’s with her dedication and belief that this company grew from an idea into reality.

Together they have a son, Noah, and two determined basset hounds.

Decking Solutions LLC is owned and operated by Dustin & Daisy Boleyn of Hillsboro, Oregon.  We are a small construction firm dedicated to providing our clients with the utmost quality and integrity that they look for in a contractor.