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HomeAdvisor Customer Reviews

very professional all around. They also repaired my fence and did an equally professional job

3-08-2015, 5/5 stars

Dustin did a great job on our replacement deck. He even worked on weekends to get the job done in time despite some heavy rains. I have already recommended him to a neighbor for their project.

12-10-2012, 4.67/5 stars

Professional, quality oriented, best materials.

09-16-2012, 5/5 stars

Dustin works well with his customers. He willingly adjusts to make the customer happy. His works is second to none. The care he takes in his workmanship provided comfort to us. I would recommend him to anyone that needs decking work done. He will be back to build our deck once it is needed again.

08-20-2012, 5/5 stars

Dustin took his time to make sure the stringers were lined up and even. We are now looking into having Decking Solutions,LLC put on a new deck.

08-13-2012, 5/5 stars

He built me a very beautiful deck he was very professional. We will be calling him back to add on to the deck. We are very happy with the results.

10-05-2011, 5/5 stars

Angie’s List Customer Reviews

He started the project about 2 weeks later than the initial start date and it went very slowly at first. He had a very unskilled worker do some of the initial work, and some of it had to be redone because it was sloppy. It took a long time to finish completely including passing inspections and making modifications prescribed by the inspections. The bulk of the work was done by a highly skilled worker named Tom. I was very impressed by his skill level and professionalism. I am very pleased by the final product. Beautiful deck with metal railings.
I needed to demolish an existing 2 level deck and get rid of a hot tub. After seeing what Dustin would charge, I decided to save money and do it myself. I had 3 bids, but Dustin was the most helpful and communicative. The deck was a large one level deck in about the same foot print as the original deck. It was built using Trek and a beautiful black metal railing and a large stairway.

10/05/2016, Grade A

Our deck was a disaster — falling apart, we were surprised no one had yet fallen through. We had been saving for a couple years to be able to replace it, and knew it would be a major repair. Dustin was marvelous. He was so communicative! He was kind. He heard our concerns. He allowed us to morph the project as we went along. We had discussed an expansion of the deck when we first spoke. He did run into dry rot and adjusted the estimate based upon that. The underpinnings needed replacing. The rebuild was extensive. It was marvelous the care that he and his workers took. The thing that shocked and blessed us was the quality of the finished project and that it was so close to the original estimate even with all the extras that had to be added in — the extra under pining work, the steps (constructed more solidly than we expected), the dry rot. We love the new deck. It is solid, beautiful, and worth every penny.

Dustin is a great person to work with. We can highly recommend him.

07/03/2016, Grade A

He kept me informed throughout the entire project, it was a very tricky job and it was very taxing for us, and for Dustin I am sure. We went a bit outside the estimated time window but Dustin really hung in with us and got the job done. We were very pleased with his service and he stuck within his original estimate which was less than half of what we were hearing from other companies.

We hired him to reconstruct a third floor deck for which we had some outrageous estimates from other companies.

09/24/2015, Grade A

They tore down the old deck and built us a new one. He did not do things on time as we would have liked but the end product was fabulous. Great guy and great crew unfortunately we did not get the product completed in a timely manner.

09/15/2015, Grade B

The deck was built first located off of the slider on the back side of the house. This work was mainly done by one of Dustin’s workers. The frame was built to support the size of the deck. It did take some time for the worker to get the frame built and leveled. But, it was worth the extra time to get a very solid frame built. Once that was done the deck boards were attached. Again, time was taken to make sure all the boards were cut correctly and spaced correctly. Two steps we built at the end, however, the wrong width was built. Not all of the deck boards were screwed down. Dustin, came out to review and agreed to fix all the issues. This was completed and now the correct size steps are in place, all of the deck boards are screwed down and all final touches are complete. We are very happy with the finished deck. It is the perfect size for the back yard. Dustin made sure that every detail was taken care of and all issues were resolved.
The pergola was started next after a few weeks of waiting on materials and for Dustin to have time to do the project himself. We were more than happy to wait to get the pergola that we wanted. We were able to choose the design with Dustin for the pergola, the cuts and the placement of all the pieces. Only one small issue with board direction was quickly resolved and the fact that it happened gave us a better pergola. We are very happy with the pergola that was built. it will really help with the late afternoon sun beating on the patio and into the house.
Dustin is very easy to work with, very professional and more than willing to make changes to create the design that you want. My wife and I enjoyed working with Dustin very much. There were delays in getting the entire project completed and at times communication was spotty. However, do to the time of the year and that Dustin was very busy, we understood. If we need a new deck, fence or some other project for our yard, we will be calling Dustin.

08/24/2015, Grade A

I had a 17-year old front deck and pergola that was in constant sun (and therefore quite battered), as the property is on the southwest slope of the west hills. The pergola was about to fall down, and the decking needed refreshing. Decking Solutions came and gave me a good estimate (I had a couple other estimates), but my discussion with them gave me confidence that they knew what they were doing. They tore down the pergola and replaced some of the cross beams. Also, they sanded the deck and refinished it. The result was beautiful. I had only one “quality” issue, which I raised with the owner (he supervised one of his men), but he came by promptly and corrected the matter.

05/21/2015, Grade A

Excellent work and results. Very pleasant and professional to deal with. Mitigated staffing and scheduling issues smoothly. Couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Was open and offered ideas for possible variances to the original plan. Worked around minor issues that arose. Highly recommend Dustin for any decking project!

09/15/2014, Grade A

I obtained three bids from Angie’s List companies and selected Decking Solutions, LLC because the owner, Dustin Boleyn, was the only one of the three who told me about a new deck material, NyloDeck, made in Georgia by a carpet maker out of carpet scraps and resin. It contains no wood at all, and no mold, mildew, algae, etc. can be grown on it. My deck is the first NyloDeck west of Tennessee (it is already in residential decks in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Florida). He said he read about it in his builder’s magazines. I asked the other two bidders to check it out on the NyloBoard website but they were not willing to do this, so I hired Decking Solutions, LLC. I was also impressed by Dustin’s professional manner and experience.
My old cedar deck, L-shaped, was 50 years old, so both I and Dustin suspected there would be dry rot where it joined the house walls and we were right. After removal of the old deck, Dustin’s crew had to repair the dry rot. Then we discovered my house was slipping down the underlying slope (perhaps the old deck was holding up the house!), so deck work had to be suspended so a foundation support firm could drill and insert supporting “piles” (posts with flanges). Also, the bottom floor sliding door frame had to be repositioned, which was done by a separate contractor.
This is a second-story deck so the underlying supporting wood posts are visible when walking beside the deck on the ground floor. The lumber company delivered wood to my site several times but I refused much of it because of fork lift and mill damage. This was not well received by the lumber company so they informed Dustin he would have to pick up the lumber himself, which he did, selecting it himself, resulting in much better quality wood! I appreciated Dustin’s willingness to do this.
The finished deck and railing are beautiful. I waited until now to write an Angie’s List review to test this new NyloDeck material, which still looks brand new and survived our rainy winters with absolutely no algae, mold, mildew, etc. A few of the railing post bolt heads loosened two different times, probably from my frequent blasting with my power blower when I cleaned tree debris, and Dustin repaired them immediately upon receiving my phone calls.
I am delighted with my new deck and railing and recommend Dustin and his Decking Solutions, LLC for deck work anywhere.

09/14/2014, Grade A

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